Fermented Kampot pepper

The fresh Kampot pepper taste

Fresh Kampot pepper is a unique product with unparalleled organoleptic qualities, but it is very difficult to preserve and almost impossible to export.
Thus, to offer you access to these aromas dexeptions, we have developed fermented pepper.
Fresh Kampot pepper is sent directly to FarmLink after harvest to follow a Japanese lacto-fermentation process during 1 month.
The finished product is then dried and stored in Kampot's fleur de sel.

Kampot red fermented pepper

Fermented Red Kampot Pepper

Very close to the taste of freshly harvested red pepper.
Its fresh taste is long lasting in mouth. Its spiciness is not aggressive, rather incisive and long lasting. As Flower of Salt is added to the product to allow for its optimal conservation, green and red fresh fermented pepper should be rinsed off thoroughly with water before being used.

Kampot green fermented pepper

Very close to the taste of freshly harvested green pepper.