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Kampot Pepper Artisan since 2006 - Fair Trade partner and exporter

FARMLINK was created in 2006 by a small group of European expatriates living in Kampot. They made the observation that Cambodia, but Kampot Province in particular is rich in high quality natural products that would be appreciated by fine food enthusiasts across the world.

They also noted that although Cambodian farmers have a high level of expertise in traditional agricultural production methods, they did not have the knowledge or experience to access overseas markets.

About us

FARMLINK is a Cambodian-registered company dedicated to the development of a regional agricultural business. FARMLINK’s core is to build the link between the farmers and international buyers and purveyors.

FARMLINK is renowned for its achievements with the exceptional KADODĒ Kampot Pepper brand, bringing this rare spice to discerning food lovers and fine food specialist worldwide.

FARMLINK has recently undertaken some new local fine food projects, to expand the KADODĒ range and proposes

Our products

Kampot pepper

3 kinds of Kampot pepper

FARMLINK is promoting awareness of Kampot Pepper throughout the tourism and hospitality industry in Cambodia as well as worldwide.
Kampot Pepper is today one of the world’s most highly considered spices.

KADODE Kampot Pepper is the reference for Kampot Pepper internationally and the most direct link between you and the farmers. Each peppercorn has been hand selected and each pack of KADODE can be traced to the exact farmer that grew your peppercorns.

Kadodé Kampot pepper

KADODĒ Kampot Pepper is the brand of FARMLINK and also the brand of the farmers.

KADODĒ is a Khmer expression meaning ‘a gift from earth’, used in the context often after an extremely good and satisfying meal, and also as an indicator of high quality agricultural products. The KADODĒ brand is a guarantee that their products are cultivated and processed with the utmost respect for natural traditional methods.

KADODĒ focuses on the exceptional quality of its products and their specific geographical origin.

Every peppercorn produced can be traced back to the farm, farmer and even batch. Provenance is therefore 100% assured.
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KADODĒ also ensures for its international markets that all their products are processed, refined, packed and exported under strict, safe and controlled conditions that fulfil internationally recognised standards.

KADODĒ Kampot Pepper is of the highest calibre and distinction.

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Process and quality assurance

Sorting pepper by hand

FARMLINK is a vital link in the Kampot Pepper supply chain. We collect and process the raw product from farm to export. We have established and continue to ensure the highest standards of cleaning, sorting grading and packing processes are in place.

These processing systems guarantee that are products not only attain but surpass international food safety standards required for overseas markets.

To preserve the unique taste of Kampot pepper, FARMLINK rejects the use of mechanical sterilization. For the KADODĒ Kampot Pepper brand we have developed natural methods of refining this delicate spice. We also still employ the traditional method of sun-drying on specially constructed nets, whilst all the sorting and grading is done by hand ensuring only the very best corns make it past our quality control checks.

Supporting the farmers

Supporting Kampot farmersSupporting Kampot farmers

We work hand in hand on a daily basis with Cambodian farmers to help them reach financial sustainability through increasing production and the direct promotion of their high quality products.
Major companies are recently investing widely in Cambodia trying to provoke a switch from local family farms to large scale pepper production and mechanical pepper processing.

At FARMLINK, we believe there is a sustainable way to protect the small local farms by introducing their high quality products to discerning international markets. Family farms still cultivate utilizing manual and organic techniques, respecting the natural environment and the quality of their vines. It is essential for FARMLINK to guarantee they receive a fair and equitable income in order to perpetuate their amazing farming skills, and in doing so bringing out the best in their pepper vines.

FARMLINK enjoys a partneship with over 120 local farmers in Kampot. All those farmers have small plantations locally referred to as ‘pepper gardens’. They work as a community, all helping one another during the planting and harvesting seasons. FARMLINK is committed to this farming model, aiming to bring more jobs and prosperity to the region as whole. FARMLINK itself now has 40 full-time employees, dedicated to the collection, refining, sorting and grading of their KADODĒ Kampot Pepper.