Kampot pepper has Protected Geographical Indication PGI status.
FARMLINK has a direct partnership with over 120 local farmers all adhering to the Geographical Indication as inspected by the internationally recognised ECOCERT.
They all meet the criteria of Geographical Indication as well as the strict specifications requirements regarding Kampot Pepper.

After evaluation of all the requisite certification documentation, ECOCERT annually confirms our Kampot Pepper is in accordance with the book of specifications.

Some of the specifications include the following:

• Kampot farms only use natural fertilizers
• All pepper cuttings must originate from genuine Kampot Pepper vines
• Vines are planted on small linear billons. A space of at least 1.80m shall separate the vines with a visible location for the inputting of natural fertilisers and new soil
• A shelter has to be built and maintained on the plantation to provide shadow and protection to the pepper vines, at least until they are 3 years old
• Each parcel of pepper should be elevated to allow proper drainage of rainwater. New soil must be added regularly


FARMLINK is the first registered member of KPPA (Kampot Pepper Promotion Association) and recognized as a Kampot Pepper Packager since 10/04/2009. FARMLINK is registered number id C001.
Kampot Pepper Promotion Association (KPPA) creation :
The Kampot Pepper Promotion Association (KPPA) is an inter-professional association created for the defence and promotion of the producers’ know-how and the name and quality reputation of Kampot pepper, for the benefit of producers, traders and consumers.

KPPA is officially created on 03 October 2009 with the support of the Ministry of Commerce and AFD (Agence Française de Développement/French Agency for Development) by GRET (Groupe de Recherche et d’Echanges Technologiques) and CEDAC (Centre d’Etude et de Développement/Cambodian Centre for Study and Development in Agriculture) organizations. KPPA is leaded by 1 president (Mr. NGUON Lay, pepper producer) and 2 sub-presidents (Mr. TOT Minkalim, representative of Farmlink company and Mr. EM Trou, pepper producers).

To achieve the objectives, KPPA has the following missions

- Prepare the book of specification of Kampot pepper, and apply for its registration as a protected geographical indication under the GI law of the Kingdom of Cambodia;
- Create relations and cooperation between Kampot pepper producers, traders, organizations and relevant institutions;
- Promote the reputation of Kampot pepper by the improvement of its quality and prevention of infringement or misuse of Kampot pepper name;
- Prepare and implement the internal control system to ensure the quality and origin;
- Identify and cooperate with the external control agent;
- Train members and develop their capacities to produce Kampot pepper in compliance with the book of specifications;
- Examine and make decision on the application of producers or traders who have the objective to use the Kampot pepper label;
- Update the figures on production based on the information provided by producers and traders of Kampot pepper;
- Maintain the register of producers and traders accredited by the external control agent or institution and communicate relevant information to members, and control agent or institution and to Geographical Indication office upon request;
- Take necessary legal measures to protect the name of Kampot pepper from misuse or infringement.
- And any other mission needed to achieve the association’s objective.



This is to certify that KAMPOT PEPPER PROMOTION ASSOCIATION has been inspected. After evaluation of all the requisite certification documentation, Control Union herewith confirms that the products mentioned below are in accordance to the book of specifications of the Kampot Pepper in its version of the 25/03/2010.


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ECOCERT confirms that FARMLINK's production of Kampot Pepper and Palm sugar are certified organic under European standards EOS.

Certificat Ecocert 2023 : 139133/202307110739
Valid until 31/0/2025

FDA registration

FARMLINK is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug administration pursuant to the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act, as amended by the Bioterrorism Act of 2002 and the FDA Food Safety modernisation Act, such registration having been verified as currently effective on the date hereof by Registrar Corp.

USA FDA Registration No.: 19662727140, certified by Registrar Corp