Kampong Speu palm sugar

A cambodian ancestral tradition

Harvest Palm sugar

The Kampong Speu Palm Sugar (Scientific name: Borassus Flabellifer) is not to be confused with palm oil, his distant cousin that grows on an industrial scale in Indonesia and Brazil. The palm sugar tree matures and produces fruit after 15 years and can live up to 70 years. More than 3 million wild palm trees grow naturally throughout Cambodia. It is also the national symbol of the Kingdom. It plays a very important role in providing a source of income for many Khmers. This is a multi-purpose tree, with each portion of the shaft providing many uses. Cambodians use the wood for construction, for cooking and making utensils, whereas the branches are used for fencing. Also the leaves are used for a multitude of purposes, alongside fruit juice which is harvested and consumed.

Unrefined natural sugar

Unrefined natural sugar

Naturally well balanced sucrose and fructose, KAMPONG SPEU PALM SUGAR KADODE does not need to be refined. For this reason, it retains all of its minerals and trace elements beneficial to the body. Containing no glucose, natural sugar does not cause insulin secretion .
This biological sugar containing potassium , magnesium, vitamin C , and amino acids such as glutamine and arginine, substances known for their highly beneficial effects for health. It contains 87 % sucrose, which guarantees its conservation without natural additives . It has a very low glycemic index below 30, which makes it a much healthier sugar than others.

Palm sugar nutrition facts:

Ingredients: Sucrose (87.7%) , FRUCTOSE ( 2.6%), Potassium (4.6%) , Other , Minerals, Amino acids - (5.1%)
It does not contain GLUCOSE, CHOLESTEROL, nor FATS.
Kcal : 1550
Kj : 370
Fat : 0g, including satured fatty acids : g
Carbohydrates : 90g, including sugars : 90g
Proteins : 0g
Salt :  0,6g
Sodium :  0,24g